Two Up… Two Up… One Up, One Kinda Sideways…

I’ve seen three movies in the past 7 days, two of which were excellent and one of which I’m still trying to figure out.

Last Friday night (date night), my husband and I went and saw Superman Returns.  I get that the movie is about a super hero so I’m somewhat understanding when Lois is thrown all over the inside of an airplane and comes out without even so much as a scratch on her arm.  I think we’ve all seen enough super hero movies to know that the actual “hero” isn’t the only one graced with super human strength, scratch resistant skin, Gumby like mobility and/or wind/air/water resistant hair.  Each character blessed with the presence of said super hero seems to get just enough of the super human strength to make the hero’s job just that much more difficult.  Come on now – how much fun would it have been for Lois to actually have drowned in the sinking boat when she hadn’t had a real breath in like 3 minutes?  Or killed in the airplane when her head was repeatedly smashed against the walls, floor, other passengers, seats, etc.?  Then the saga is over and we have to go back to before the beginning.  Oh wait.  I guess technically we don’t have to kill off a super hero to go back to before the beginning – do we Bruce?

Kevin Spacey was excellent.  Always a treat.  All in all, I very much enjoyed watching Superman Returns and will probably go see the next one when it comes out.

Speaking of sub-human… What was with the nasty gooeyness of Davey Jones and his crew?  Yuk.  It was like watching CSI Miami – the one where the girl is found in the water.  Exactly.  It’s a movie I’ll have to see again – gotta catch all the stuff I missed the first time around.  And it’s not like they closed it at the end either.  I thought that everything was tied together rather nicely – Every character returned, even ones that had only been mentioned in the first movie and not seen. 

I was telling one of my co-workers the other day that I was excited to see the movie.  He asked me if I was one of those “Johnny Depp lovers.”  We got into my first experience with Johnny Depp.  I’m not sure how old I was when Edward Scissorhands first came out, or how old Johnny was, but I remember thinking that it was the strangest movie I had ever seen and never cared to see again.  It had to be at least 15 years ago which would have put me at about 12 and way to young to be exposed to the greatness that is Johnny.  Or the greatness that he was then.  He’s better now.  Just keep digging…  Anyway, after watching that movie, I swore that I would never see another movie with him in it for as long as I lived.

Then I saw Chocolate. 

I actually had to be talked into seeing that movie because he was in it.  I was skeptical, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

When I found out that Johnny Depp was in the first Pirates movie I wasn’t exactly thrilled but since I’d been in love with the Disneyland ride, I had to see it.  I loved it.  I bought it on DVD the day it came out and watched it weekly for months memorizing as much as I could.

I do have to say – the first one is better than the second.  And by the looks of it the third one will be too.  Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be though?

Tonight I went with a friend to see The Lake House.  While it was romantic and cute, I still wonder – WHO asked Keanu Reaves to cry??!  Yikes.  And the sneeze?  Whoa.

There are always problems with time travel movies.  In this one, there wasn’t anyone actually travelling through time, but it still had essentially the same issues.  If you change something that happened to someone two years ago, they aren’t going to be the same person today as you think they are.  And yet she was.  And he was too.  And there’s a two year gap between the letters.  And did she get the ones in the box in the attic?  What about his brother?  What’s he going to think when she suddenly shows up with his brother after he just told her that he was dead – died on Valentines Day (of course) two years previous?  And how come, when she told the brother what her name was, didn’t he get it?  How could he not have put two and two together?

Yes – I have the same issues with Back to the Future and Lost In Space (although I have much bigger problems with the latter) and other such movies.  Oh – one of the biggest Time Holes is in Minority Report with Tom Cruise.  If he hadn’t seen himself shoot someone, he wouldn’t have gone looking for the guy he shot to find out why he shot him.  If he hadn’t gone looking for the guy he woudln’t have shot him.  It’s a big friggin circle that doesn’t make any sense in the end and it turns out to be a big waste of time. 

The thing is – I’ll probably buy that movie.  It was just cute enough to keep me going until the end.

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