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Some Days Are Just Like That

I really used to hate it when my mom would say that to me. I would have the worst day and after she would listen to me get it all off my chest, she would shrug and say, “Some days are just like that.”

At first I didn’t understand. “What do you mean – some days are just like that?!? Don’t you understand that NO days are supposed to be like that? Every day is supposed to be some swash-buckling adventure, rosy romance, or outrageously funny journey. I’m not supposed to want to rip apart everything within reach just to find some satisfaction in knowing that something had a worse day than I did” I would think.

As I would get one year older, and wiser too, I began to understand that there really are days that don’t really fit into the story. Yes, my life is a story. It’s like the movie “Stranger Than Fiction.” Except that the writer is me and there isn’t really anything written down yet, despite the constant counsel to keep a journal. Unfortunately, for my posterity, this is probably as good as it’s going to get.

Anyway… the day started out as most normal days do… drag myself out of bed at 4:30am, shower, “gently remind” husband to get up, get dressed, “gently remind” husband to get up, do hair and makeup, encourage husband to shower quickly, run downstairs realizing I missed printing something for my seminary class, swallow a bowl of cereal while reading scriptures with awake and showered husband, brush teeth, switch pants to skirt, go out to the freezing cold car and head off to seminary.

Seminary went as most days do, but my first clue to the nonsense that would become my day began when a rumor was discussed prior to class starting. Not only was said rumor ludicrous, there was absolutely no base to even make something of that nature up around. I guess that would apply to most, if not all rumors though. Once we were able to get past that part of the day, we were able to get into our lesson. The rest of class went by just as wonderfully as every other day does. (I love those kids!)

But then I went to work…

The nonsense turned to what some might call middle school.

And when all is said and done, the only thing I can think to put in my book for the day is… “Some days are just like that!”