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Try it… Love it!

We had a birthday in the family last week and I wanted to make something other than just your typical birthday cake. My dad happened to be coming up this way and was going to stay at Lake O’Neil for the weekend. We decided that, instead of going out to dinner like we normally do, to spend some time at the lake on Saturday night. We decided on foil dinners and I had flash backs to a peach cobbler that Brother Taylor used to make. Brother Taylor was a guy in our bishopric when I was in Young Womens and he would make peach cobbler every year for us at girls camp. Complete with vanilla ice cream of course.

Brother Taylor used to make it in a dutch oven and I have little to no experience with one of those things. I don’t have a recipe for peach cobbler either, at least I didn’t. Until Friday. Then I found one, online of course. I thought that it really seemed way to easy. Three ingredients? That’s it? Hm… that means that it will be either too tart or too sweet. Not so!! This is probably the best recipe I’ve ever tasted for peach cobbler. I will totally use it again!!