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Mmm… Cheesecake…

I hope to see lots of people at Saturday’s auction. I’m making three cheesecakes to try and lure people there.

Tonight I made a White Chocolate Cheesecake and bought some fresh raspberries to put on top. There’s an Orange Cheesecake with a Ginger Snap crust in the oven right now. Tomorrow I’ll be making “The” Cheesecake of all cheesecakes (according to Gregg) – Strawberry Hot Fudge Cheesecake with fresh chocolate dipped strawberries on top.

People Watching

So, I had to go to the DMV yesterday to renew the expired registration on one of our cars. There are so many stereotypes surrounding the Department of Motor Vehicles. Let me just testify to the fact that those stereotypes exist for a reason. Sitting there on the attached, dark navy blue chairs was like being a part of a Saturday Night Live skit.

First of all, the woman at the “Start Here” desk was just as burly as the man sitting at the desk behind her. Their hair was the same length, although his was cleaner and nicer. Like his personality. She gave me my two forms to fill out and the number to wait for, mumbled something about lunch and yelled “Next!”

I went over by the south wall and took a seat between a couple empty chairs and pulled out my book-club-book to try and get started on it because I suddenly had “free” time. About 5 chairs to my left was a man with a laptop and a cell phone. I know he had a cell phone because he was talking on it. Loud enough that I know his wife’s name was Barbara and that they were planning to go to Vegas this weekend. I’m convinced that the laptop was all for show.

There was a woman and her husband that came in and sat down facing me. There’s no way that Jon would let me out of the house in what she was wearing. And she was about my size so it probably would have fit me. He would just shake his head and tell me that some things are for his eyes only. Amen. Way it should be. I almost gave her my sweater… but it was in the car.

I was there for about and hour. The numbering system they have there is really making things better. On my way out, I passed a couple with a stroller. They were betting on which letter would precede the number that would be called next. She’d just won, apparently for the third time in a row, and was doing a little victory dance. He was handing her another dollar.

And I thought the airport was a good place to watch people. Some day maybe I’ll just go watch at the DMV and see what happens next.

Cutting in Line

Jon made a deal with my sister EmaLee on Friday that if her and Brian could go with us to take our Ham Radio Exam on Saturday morning, that we would go to Disney’s California Adventure with them on Saturday. I know, I know – Ham Radio Exam?? I have a geek for a husband, what can I say?

So on Saturday, we went to CA. First of all, it was about 100 degrees (literally, no joke). At least it was a “dry” heat (note sarcasm). At one point we decided that it was hot enough that we needed to go on the water ride – Big Bear Rapids or something like that – and ride as single riders so we could get through the line faster. Em’s friend and her mom were there too (Michelle and Linda, respectively). Linda took the baby into the hotel lobby to cool down a little ’cause the poor guy was miserable. Jon decided that he didn’t want to go on the ride so he went with Linda and took all of our cell phones. You see it coming, don’t you?

We went to the single rider line after they had gone only to find that the line for single riders was as long as the regular line. I probably should have mentioned that Fast Passes were not even worth getting because it would have meant riding right before the park closed. And it was only about 2:00 in the afternoon.

They (Em, Brian, Michelle) decided that we might as well go ride the Santa Monica Screamer (or something like that – it’s late and I’m tired). I don’t ride those rides because I end up wearing my stomach, contents included, on my shoes. Jon loves ’em though. I offered to go get him from the hotel lobby so he could ride with them. I got to the lobby and he decided not to go. I turned around and went back to the spot where they were supposed to meet me and they weren’t there. I had also grabbed my phone so that we could communicate somehow. I heard Em call my name, found her, and did something I wouldn’t normally do. Michelle and Brian were already in line so Em and I went to meet them.

I’m one of those goody-goody’s that gets stomach cramps when I get caught doing something wrong, especially when I get called out on it. Some junior-high kid about five or six people back told on me for cutting in line. Little punk. The “cast member” named Jeff then called me out on it. Luckily Michelle isn’t so much like me and told the guy that I had just gone to make a quick run to the bathroom. He didn’t even question it and moved on.

I ended up riding with a family that was all there together and “Dad” lost his hat on the ride. They were very nice to me.