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My sister, EmaLee, and I went to Disneyland yesterday. I think the actual quote refers to New York City, but I think it applies to Disneyland too….

If you stand (or sit) in one place long enough, the entire world will walk past you.

You know about all the different kinds of people there will ALWAYS be at Disneyland right?

Like the large groups of foreign tourists, each with their own expensive digital camera, speaking a language you can’t understand fast enough that you wonder if they can even understand it, pushing you in line and standing so close that you can smell what they had for lunch.

Then there’s the people that inevitably showing their support for the Cougars of Happy Valley. Whether it’s a hat, shirt, basketball shorts or (no joke) a wristband.

There’s the honeymooners that stand behind you in line talking about what they’re going to do when they get back to the hotel. And how much they love each other – “No, I love YOU more!”

The mom with the teenagers in front of you in line for lunch that pays with exact change from the bottom of her purse, the bottom of the kids’ backpacks – whatever will take longer.

Then there’s the graduating high school seniors that insist upon wearing shirts with ’08 plastered all over them and the graduation Mickey ears. Because it’s cool to be a high school senior.

How about the bands? And the cheerleaders?

And the ankle-biters!! The ankle-biters are the worst! They’re the ones that ram their 2-ton strollers into the backs of your ankles when you’re least expecting it. All the dirty looks, snide and low remarks and the firm planting of feet won’t even phase them. They’ll just keep pushing until they chop you off at the ankles and leave you bleeding and crying for your mommy.

Last but not least, there’s you. And the people you came with that make all the ankle-biters worth it.
Em and Erek - We had a blast!