Adventures in Seminary, Part 2

We had so much fun on Friday! It was our last Friday together before the end of the Seminary year and I wanted to make it upbeat and cheerful. I had no idea how much fun we would have.

I have such a cool dynamic in my class. I have kids from all three of the wards that meet in our building, including the Spanish ward. They have loved to spend Fridays working on just memorizing Scripture Mastery. Quite a few of them are really close to passing off all 25 (I only have two more to go!). Since Friday was our last Friday for this year, I was just going to give them that day and had just planned to sing an upbeat hymn to get the class started. I decided on “There Is Sunshine in My Soul Today” (#227) and told them that we had to sing all verses and we had to sing them loud so that Brother Prettyman’s class could hear us all the way down the hall. They thought that was a good idea too. Then someone mentioned singing it in Spanish (there were a couple Spanish hymn books in our room). We decided that half the class would sing in Spanish and the other half in English. So far there were only six of us there so Brooke, Paige and I sang in English and Abel, Maria and Edwin sang in Spanish. We had so much fun that after the opening hymn we decided to sing another one.

As the rest of the class started to trickle in, they would walk in and be totally confused but before long they were singing just as loud as we were. We ended up singing “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”, “Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel”, “Carry On”, “How Firm a Foundation”, and a couple of others. Then we spent some time on Scripture Mastery, because our voices were tired, and at the end of class we sang “Choose the Right” because the kids wanted to get that song stuck in their heads so that they would “… make right choices all day long.” Their words, not mine.

I swear, I have the best kids EVER in my class!! I’m going to miss them over the summer and some of them next year (when they have to move up into the OTHER class)!

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