Wii Will Rock You!


Em and Brian got Rockband for the XBox a while ago and we’ve been waiting for it to come out for the Wii ever since. Imagine my surprise at coming home on Monday (Jon being gone to Scout Camp) and finding an enormous box on the porch. With my name on it. Yay! Presents! I love presents! It was like Christmas!

I exercised some restraint and waited until he got home on SATURDAY before I broke it out of the box. With Jon sleeping on the couch, I played for the first time with Rusty and Jared Dan – Jared on vocals, Rusty on guitar and me on the drums. I had a blast! If you really want to have a great time playing a video game, play with a kid!


I have learned this week, however, that I have absolutely NO rhythm. I can only pretend.

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