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Latest Project

I don’t know that you could actually call it a project though. It didn’t take a lot of time. Just another Sunday when I realized that I didn’t have a bracelet to go with the skirt I picked. I decided I’d make one. Then I couldn’t find the right earrings to go with the whole ensemble so I had to make some of those too. Amy will be proud 🙂

Black & White Bracelet & Earring Set

Our Girls

Ellie and Zoe are as different as, well, as cats and dogs. While Ellie loves pretty much everyone she comes in contact with, Zoe is very antisocial. Ellie is outgoing and curious. Zoe already knows everything so she doesn’t have anything left to be curious about and really thinks that it’s annoying that Ellie is always getting into new things. Zoe especially disapproves when strangers come into HER home. She’ll allow it, but visitors should expect that she will not be part of whatever shenanigans they have going. If she does decide to grace said visitors with her presence, it will be with much yawning and other such signs of obvious boredom.

Ellie\'s ready to play Ellie is always ready to play. She loves to fetch. We have an old flying squirrel toy that Jon used to play fetch with Copper. Copper is a huge (seriously gigantic) chocolate lab that we dog-sat for about 7 months last year. The flying squirrel is almost as big as Ellie. She loves to fetch it though. She’ll grab it and shake it like she’s tough and then she’ll trip over it trying to bring it back so you can throw it again. Our moms both taught us not to throw balls in the house. Ellie has taught us that as long as we throw them low we won’t break anything.

Zoe Zoe will only play with strings and hair ties. She likes the ones with feathers on them the most. Sometimes she’ll throw a ball up and catch it again, but nobody is allowed to play with her. She just does this to show you that she doesn’t need you to have a good time.

When we got back from Utah, Ellie was, of course, thrilled. She’s always happy to see someone she recognizes. Zoe, on the other hand, usually couldn’t care any less. This time though, when we got home from Utah, Zoe seemed… glad. She doesn’t get excited about anything but she actually came down and hung out with us that night. For two days whenever we were home she would be wherever we were. I think she might have actually missed us. Who’da thunk?