Latest Project

I don’t know that you could actually call it a project though. It didn’t take a lot of time. Just another Sunday when I realized that I didn’t have a bracelet to go with the skirt I picked. I decided I’d make one. Then I couldn’t find the right earrings to go with the whole ensemble so I had to make some of those too. Amy will be proud 🙂

Black & White Bracelet & Earring Set

2 Responses to “Latest Project”

  • Amy:

    You’re right, I am! These are cool! I like the lampwork glass beads. Very cool and funky! Nice touch of red too. Be careful – Vanessa might claim these as Twilight jewelry! Maybe you could trade her for cupcakes.

  • abi:

    Ha! Didn’t even think of that! I’ll have to wear them on Friday to the Breaking Dawn release.

    (I LOVE lampwork glass beeds! I want some more in other colors. They’re so fun!)

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