Holy EXHAUSTED Batman!

This has probably been one of the longest weeks EVER. I started a new position on Monday – surprise! I knew it was coming but I certainly wasn’t prepared for it to happen on Monday. I had to move my office literally from one corner of the building (upstairs) to the opposite corner (downstairs in the lab) on Monday afternoon. Tuesday and Wednesday were full of on-the-job training opportunities as well as helping on the production line to get everything out for month end. I’ve been running around like crazy. I spent little time in my office (the new one) and lots of time filling bottles, twisting caps, checking for codes and boxing product.

And after all that… Seminary Teacher Training. From 7-9 Tuesday, Wednesday and tonight. Book Club on Tuesday (thanks everyone for staying). I left training early last night because of a migraine and went to bed at 9. One more night to go, with tomorrow off to hang out with my sisters. Yay!!

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