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Adventures in Seminary, part 3

Wow. What a week.

Seminary started last Tuesday with a bang. I have the Freshmen/Sophomore class again which is awesome. I have 30 kids in my class, give or take 5 on any given day. I had to be more creative with how I set up the room because of the limited space. I could move to a bigger room but there are issues with all of the possibilities. My cabinet isn’t big enough either but I scored one from the stake center this morning, I just have to get Jon to go get it for me. Unfortunately it doesn’t lock though so we’ll be losing scriptures this year.

I don’t know how people sleep at night after having taken someone else’s scriptures. It’s like tracking mud into the temple. You feel terrible.

Anyway, so yeah, 30 kids. Thirty. Three-zero. The biggest class in the stake. Lots of names to remember, not enough supplies for everyone (yet, I’m working on it).

Something interesting happened too. Noticeably different. Last week we spent the first day getting to know each other (which took the whole 50 minutes), the second day talking about expectations that we have for each other, the third day getting to know all of the study helps that will help us learn more from our scriptures, and the last day talking about the Plan of Salvation.

Monday we were ready to really crack those spines on the fresh sets of scriptures (for the freshmen anyway) and I kid you not – there was less goofing around, less talking out of turn, less distractions as soon as those books were pulled out of their cases. All 30 kids were participating, answering questions, trying to beat Kayla ’cause she was answering them all so fast, and really looking for things. It was a completely different experience from the week before. The week before seemed like complete chaos compared to Monday.

So, the moral of the story, at least for me, is that when their books are open, their mouths are closed and the Spirit will be their guide. That’s all there is to it.