Vacation, Day 1

I’ve decided that a 6 hour plane ride that starts at 10:45pm, together with a 2 hours layover in Atlanta, another 2 hours in the plane to Cleveland and then 5 hours in the car driving through Pennsylvania and New York isn’t the best way to spend Day 1 of Vacation.

Alas… it is too late.

I don’t even think I can count high enough to tell you how many hours I’ve been awake. I just got my fourth or fifth wind so I thought I would post some pictures from today’s adventures.

I don’t have any of the guy on the plane sitting next to me asleep, slumped against the window with his mouth wide open. I don’t have any sound bites of the guy THREE ROWS in front of us that was snoring loud enough to keep bears awake. I don’t have any of me in Atlanta, asleep on the bench, drooling on my sweatshirt. Hm… Jon might. I’ll have to check.

We drove all the way up to Palmyra today. It’s beautiful up here. I love how green everything is. The leaves are just barely starting to show their fall colors so every once in a while we passed a tree that was construction-cone-orange. Here are my favorites from today:





Tomorrow we’re going to go to the Sacred Grove and then head back to Cleveland. Then it’s Kirtland on Saturday!

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