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Belong To Me

I loved this book. This is a sequel to Love Walked In and did not disappoint. There’s something about the way that Marisa writes that sucks me in and doesn’t let go. I laughed when I met Piper. I cried when Clare and Dev cried.

It’s a story of disappointment, heartache, forgiveness, happiness, love and belonging. Belonging to someone or somewhere. Being a part of something as small as the print made by your own two feet, to something as big as a universe… all the while knowing that it wouldn’t be the same without you. You belong where you are and that space is better for having you in it.

If you’ve read Love Walked In and loved it even half as much as I did, you’ll want to read this one too.

I hope that there’s a third one. I don’t want the story to be over.