Vacation, The Rest Of It

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Day 3 (Saturday) of our vacation was spent in Kirtland and at the John Johnson farm. We had to make a quick trip though because we were scheduled to have dinner with friends that evening and had to be back.

We went to the Kirtland temple and took the tour. It was not what I was expecting, but I realized that my expectations were unrealistic. Their video presentation prior to the tour told the history of their church and about the building of the temple. It is a beautiful building; all that hand-carved wood and such. The third floor was closed for preservations, but they had a bunch of pictures on display so we could see what it looked like. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, which I think is appropriate and is something I’m grateful for, but we were allowed to take pictures outside.



After leaving the temple, we went to Historic Kirtland and took part of the tour. When we got there, they called two of the sister missionaries to come and give us our tour – Sister Norton and Sister Fredrickson. We found out that Sister Fredrickson was from Texas and Sister Norton was from Oceanside! She grew up in Ramona but they moved to Oceanside shortly after she graduated from high school. She left to go on her mission from the Oceanside First Ward. Small world!

Day 4 happened to be a Sunday so we went to Church in the morning and then went back to Kirtland to finish the tour, then over to the Morely Farm. This was the missionary that was telling the story and showing us around. He turned at the last second but you should have seen the face he made! Still, I think it’s funny because it shows just how he was on the tour – he was a story teller and was on to the next thing!



Kirtland was just a quick 30 minute drive from where we were. The beauty of the trees is still something I just can’t seem to get over!

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