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It’s coming down to the wire. We’re getting close to the end. I can’t wait until the election is OVER.

I saw a magnet once, on a trip through Julian, that said, “Where and I going, and why am I in this hand-basket?” There will be no need to ask that question if Prop 8 doesn’t pass.

At first I didn’t think I cared that much. I know what marriage is, that it’s ordained of God, that it should be taken seriously enough that you would be willing to spend eternity together. I have no doubt that there are members of the gay/lesbian community that understand that as well. I know that there are those who take it just as seriously as I do.

It’s the “ordained of God” part that usually throws people off. God? What does he have to do with it? That’s the way this entire world is headed. What do I need God for? I can do whatever I want to – because I have the right to – so what do I need Him for?

And what’s really scary, is that most of the people that think this way also claim to believe in the Bible. HA! Which one? It most certainly can’t be the one that I believe in. If it is, they’ve completely twisted its meaning to make it say what they want it to say. And in their defense, it’s not like THAT hasn’t been done before.

My husband had an interesting experience with a woman who made claims of anti-hate by attaching them to her car in the form of bumper stickers and a license plate. Yet she felt the urge to call him a hater and confront him on his beliefs. WHO’S the hater?

My sister watched No on 8 people completely surround Yes on 8 people on the corner one day. The Yes on 8 people were out with their signs on the side of the road and about 30 Haters (yes, they were) crossed the street to the same corner and stood in front of them to block their message.

Interesting. The Yes on 8 people are deemed “Haters” and yet it seems to be the No on 8 people who are actually BEING Haters. They’re flipping us off as they drive by, stealing our signs, squashing our freedom of speech. Not to mention persecuting us for our religion.

The Bible says that contention is of the devil. The Constitution tells me that I have a right to stand on the corner with my sign and tell people how I feel. The 11th Article of Faith says that we believe what we believe and allow others the same opportunity. If they want to stand on the side of the road with their No on 8 signs, go for it! Allow me the same right – yours do NOT trump mine.