December, Part 1

December flew by in a flurry of balloons, streamers, trees, lights and parties! It’s hard to believe that it’s over already!

I turned *cough, cough* THIRTY *gasp, gag, gurgle* on the 4th and Jon threw a surprise party for me the following Saturday. It was the best birthday party EVER! I opened the door and the first person I saw was Michele Randall and it all started to make sense. It was like having my life flash before my eyes – or at least the two weeks leading up to the party. All of the strange things began to make sense. Things like…

EmaLee and Elizabeth wanting to take me to a movie. Liz doesn’t like to go to the movies because of her Restless Legs.

The fact that the movie had to be early and we were all going to get together for “games” afterwards.

My dad telling me that “somebody will do something, I’m sure” on my birthday when I was home all by myself.

Nobody saying ANYTHING about my birthday ON my birthday, no phone calls, no Facebook messages, NOTHING. Except Sara. She was brave enough 🙂 Thanks Sara – you rock!

Jon doing a serious deep cleaning of the house. Including dusting, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, and mopping. He even created a checklist to make sure that he got everything done that he wanted to.

The hush-hush encounter of Em and Jon when Em came to pick me up for the movie.

I don’t have digital pictures from the party. Kristi did take some pictures and sent me copies, but I’m too lazy to scan them so I can post ’em at the moment. Mike took some good videos too.

I’m so grateful for all my good friends! We counted 50 people, not including the kids upstairs and the teenagers in the dining room. That’s a LOT of people and I feel so loved. I’m so thankful that everyone came and that we all had a great time. Good friends and good food – what more could a girl want for her birthday?

Thanks all!!!

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