One More for December

The night before my surprise party was Cory Dan’s birthday sleepover. I should have been waiting for something like this, but for some reason the thought never crossed my mind. The next morning, I was up a little early, as was Jon. He was standing in the dining room and I was in the kitchen getting some cereal. All of a sudden he starts laughing and says that we’d been toilet-papered. I didn’t believe him at first, but then I remembered that Cory’s party was the night before.

I do have to say… I’m a little disappointed in these kids’ parents. Check out the half used rolls of TP laying in the yard and on the cars. They could have done so much more damage! 🙂

Lani also posted some in-progress pictures here.

Regardless, we were honored to be chosen for the festivities! Thanks Cory and friends!

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