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Where’d it go?

Where does time hide? I need to find it so if someone knows and isn’t sharing, please… I’ll bake you a cheesecake. Or the cheesecake cupcake thingys. In any flavor you want.

Things I wish I had time for (yes, I do know I probably could have accomplished one of these things instead of writing this, but creating a task list (more like a WISH list) was number one…):
* Clean my house – really clean it
* Go through all the junk in the garage that actually belongs to Jon and I and organize it
* Go through my craft room and organize my stuff so that I actually know what I already have
* Finish a quilt I started for my neice BEFORE she was born (THREE YEARS AGO)
* Finish another quilt I started for another neice before she was born (she’s about a month or two older than the other one)
* Finish the scrapbook I started for my mom while she was going through chemo (FIVE YEARS AGO)
* Finish reading last month’s bookclub book (it’s really good, I just fall asleep every time I try to read on a weeknight and who has time on the weekend??)
* Reread Harry Potter – the whole series
* Reread Twilight – the whole series
* Read the Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites series
* Practice the piano
* Balance my checkbook
* Clip coupons
* Go grocery shopping (and remember to take my coupons)
* Update my resume so I can
* Start looking for a new job
* Tend to my dead cucumber plant
* Keep my tomatoes alive
* Do my visiting teaching (they all must think I don’t love them)
* Go through my closet
* Rearrange the bedroom so I can stop stubbing my toes on the treadmill
* Deep clean the floor in the kitchen
* Bake some chocolate hazelnut cheesecake cupcakes (Vanessa’s concept – I’m not that good)
* Wash and vaccuum the car
* Update my blog with something awesome
* Do something awesome worth posting about (does creating a task list count??)

Now I’m beat. Time to eat dinner and then it’s off to bed! Tomorrow is coming early 🙂