The – Amazon Price Tracker

I’ve been eyeing a product on Amazon recently, but when I finally decided to buy it, the price had gone up enough to dissuade me from getting it right now.

I started searching for an Amazon price tracker site and found was: It’s seems very simple and clean. I found another good one called, but seems cleaner to me.

It seems pretty good and they have a Firefox/Safari/Chrome plugin that loads the tracker into product pages while on the Amazon site.

You can set a price point on an item to get an email alert.

They have a link called ‘Movers’ that show items with recent decreases in price.

Here’s an example:

I was looking at the product “Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium”. Searching for it on the I found the price on fluctuates very often on this software.
Screenshot from

Here’s what the plugin adds while on the website:

The plugin also gives you the ability to set the price watch alerts directly on the website

Thought I’d share.

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