So Much To Do

I’m so glad it’s Friday. I’m even more glad that it’s Conference weekend. That means that I’ll have at least 8 hours of rest this weekend. Well… maybe just four.

I have two giant projects I need to get done this weekend. Today is EmaLee’s birthday (yeah – TODAY) and I haven’t even cut out the bag that I’m going to make for her yet (don’t freak out – she already knows about it – I made her pick the fabric). I should be impressed with the fact that I actually have the fabric and all of the other things that I need to make it but the fact that I’m still a day (or more) late still bothers me.

My friend Amy is pregnant for the first time and is having a girl in June. I really should be able to get a simple baby’s rag quilt done by then, right? Hey – I bought the fabric for it before I bought the fabric for the bag so I’m in pretty good shape.

In theory, I should be able to finish the bag and get a really good start on the quilt tomorrow. Jon has a scout thing that he has to be at from 8am until 3pm. If I go to bed at midnight, get my full 8 hours, and start early, I should be able to accomplish all the things that need accomplishing tomorrow.

Oh, I forgot… I want to try to make some mini cheesecakes tomorrow too… which will require a trip to the grocery store, permission to “steal” a recipe and time… How I wish I had more of that one!

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