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Early Morning Cemetary

I’ve heard seminary called this before, as I’m sure everyone else has. When I saw the title of this book I had to read it. I loved it. I can’t explain why exactly, I just did.

Early Morning Cemetary Book Cover

It’s set in Arkansas and is about a kid named Kevin. He’s sitting in Sunday School one day and the Bishop comes in to tell them that they now have enough youth in the area to have an early morning seminary class. Their teacher is a volunteer for a group called the Granite Girls and does rubbing’s of gravestones in local cemeteries. She takes the class on field trips and has them help.

Deseret Book’s description: As if living in a funeral home isn’t bad enough, Kevin Kirk’s parents insist on driving a car with a “My Other Car Is a Hearse” bumper sticker plastered on the back. And now it looks like Kevin has been reluctantly “volunteered” to help remodel the old house across the street for Marcy and Marshall, the couple who helps run the Paramount funeral home. Since their baby came along, there just isn’t enough room for them in the apartment over the garage–especially now that Marcy’s mother, Ruby, has shown up.
It’s been twelve years since Marcy has seen her mother. For Kevin, the reunion could have waited another twelve years. To him, there’s something not quite right about Ruby. She always acts syrupy sweet to Kevin when others are around. But when they are alone, it’s a much different story. How can he get anyone else to see that this is a woman who would steal from a church?

Hang on tight as you grow up with Kevin Kirk in this charming tale that shows what it really means to be family.

Apparently, this is the third book in a four book series. I’ve ordered the other three from Amazon so I can read the rest of the series. I haven’t pin-pointed what it is exactly that draws me to these books, but I’m glad I picked it up. I’m bummed to see that they’re out of print though.