Project Bag (part 2)

Here are the pictures of EmaLee’s bag. I love the blue!!

Em Bag

Em Bag 2

3 Responses to “Project Bag (part 2)”

  • Debbie:

    you rock abi

  • EmaLee:

    I finally used mine for the first time tonight when I went to the grocery store. I didn’t need to take a whole huge diaper bag because I was only going to the store, and then right back home. So, I but a few of the essentials in my nifty new bag and ta da! Worked like a charm! I’m so proud! (I really liked how big I made the pockets too. I could fit my walet and my cell phone in there so they didn’t get lost at the bottom!)

  • Debbie:

    Don’t forget to vote for Vanessa’s cupcakes.

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