The Things Nightmares Are Made Of

There are three things that give me nightmares…

These things:

These things:

And being burried alive – by water mostly, but I stopped watching CSI when Nick was burried alive during a season finale.

The fact that there was a tornado WARNING today that covered northern San Diego County as well as southern Orange County did not sit well with me. There’s a reason why I won’t move to any of the Plains State. Shoot – Salt Lake is looking pretty sketchy anymore. And now here? And don’t you dare tell me that there have been funnel clouds over the ocean either! I already know and it freaks me out. I think the last time I begged to sleep on my parents’ bedroom floor was when I was about 17 and there was a storm causing funnel clouds over the ocean. Yes – SEVENTEEN! Who does that??


I’m such a baby…

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