Princess of Procrastination

I might even qualify as queen…

I’m supposed to be packing right now.

When I got home from work I was supposed to get my lesson ready for seminary tomorrow morning. Instead, I read a book. Then I made myself stop reading to go prepare the lesson and got distracted by the dog for just one second. Or maybe it was two.

Ok – now it’s REALLY time to work on the lesson. I think I’ll practice the piano.

Peel myself from the piano to get the lesson ready. After all, I still have to pack and eat dinner. All in time to be in bed by 9. Lesson first. Let’s go.

Ellie wants to play. Ok, but just for a minute. Or 10. Could’ve been longer.

Lesson time! Get to it!

Lesson’s done. Just in time too since Jon is just getting home. Late night for him. Must pack.

What’s happening in blogland? I’m here anyway – might as well check it out.

I’m hungry… I think I’ll go have dinner now. As long as I’m packed and ready to go by the time I leave for seminary in the morning, I’ll be ok.

I hope my alarm goes off in the morning…

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