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Thirsting For More

When my book club decided to read Twilight and described to me what it was about, I decided I wasn’t interested. Aren’t there enough stories about vampires out there? Do we really need another one? I don’t like vampires, never have, and any story, movie, etc. that includes them has been on my “Do No Watch” or “Do Not Read” list for as long as I’ve had one.

I finally gave in. More because of curiosity on my part. My seminary students were talking about this book and how good it is. The girls at book club were so excited about the series, the new book coming out this summer, and the movie coming out in December. Fine. Let’s give it a shot.

I found the book on sale at Target and thought, “What the heck. If I don’t like it, there are enough people out there who would be willing to take it off my hands for me” and bought it. The next day, Tuesday, I got all nice and comfy on the sofa and got started. I almost forgot to get a lesson ready for seminary the next morning.

Wednesday night I forgot to eat dinner. Maybe forgot isn’t the right word. After all, my stomach wasn’t being quiet about its emptiness. Rather I kept saying to myself, “At the end of this chapter” and then that chapter turned in to another one… and another one… Luckily that night I had prepared my lesson before sitting down to read.

Thursday I had a scripture study mini enrichment night so I was only able to read a chapter or 2 before falling asleep. I decided that night, though, that I would stay up all night on Friday and finish it.

Friday night came, but with it came other things that needed to be done. Such as a date with my husband who hasn’t been fed all week. A baseball game at the park down the street. Who can resist a little league baseball game? I can’t, not even for this. By the time I got home it was getting late and I was getting sleepy. The early rising with the late night reading wasn’t helping me to accomplish what I had set out to do.

Here it is, Saturday morning. My sister dropped of my nephew for a few hours so they could go down the the temple and the sweet, wonderful little man that he is, entertained himself and slept so that he could let his Aunt Abi finish the book that wouldn’t leave her mind alone.

I got sucked in. And I loved it. I related so well with Bella. I loved that she wasn’t afraid to say anything. She said what she felt. I think that’s why he couldn’t hear what she was thinking. There was no need – she said it. She gave it away with her eyes.

What I loved about it the most though, was the realization that I had while reading it. When I was younger I wished, hoped, prayed and dreamed for a man that would love me as much as Edward loves Bella. I have one. I have an Edward of my very one. A man who is strong, protective, passionate, sweet, good-smelling, and not nearly as clumsy as me. He can twirl me around on a dance floor, laughing when I trip over his (enormous) feet. He loves me for all the things I am and finds me irresistible.

I finished the book today and find myself in the same place as my book club friends – baited and waiting. Thirsting for more.

(Luckily for me, I still have two more to go and I don’t have to wait until August 2nd to quench my thirst!)