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Almost Drunk

I finished Eclipse on Wednesday this week. I have to be honest – I’m glad that I have time between books.

I talked my sisters into reading the books. Liz has already finished the first one (in a record 3 days) and I think she summed it up nicely. “It’s like your first kiss. Your heart doesn’t slow down until it’s over.” And, I might add, until after you’ve been able to think about something else.

Caution: Spoilers beyond this point.

I’m getting the sense that Bella’s never really going to become a vampire. With my luck (which is similar to hers, I’m afraid) they’ll get married, fulfill her one human desire, she’ll end up pregnant, and they’ll have to drag it out another 9 months (or longer – it could go anywhere) and then the Volturi will show up and demand both lives. The baby will have some random super-human mutant power and it will be a constant struggle between humanity and the unknown.

I’m probably wrong. After all, the one human desire could do the trick. Wouldn’t that be a nice twist? Forget biting her. This was is less painful, slower, and doesn’t leave the same kind of hunger, or thirst rather.

Wrong again. Marriage. The one human desire will have no consequences, as vampires are made of stone, he’ll fulfill his promise, bite her, and they’ll live happily EVER after and that will truly be the end. Who would there be left to protect? To risk everyones lives for?