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Can’t Seem to Drink Fast Enough

I can’t really say that I got sucked in again because it’s not like I had a break between Twilight and New Moon. I literally read them as though they were one (and have continued with Eclipse).

I do have to warn those who have not read it. Be prepared to be sad, possibly angry, certainly depressed. If it weren’t for my book club buddies, I would not have finished this book. I started reading it on the same Saturday that I finished Twilight, the closing and opening of the covers no more than the turning of a page. By Sunday I couldn’t go on. I kept trying to force myself to continue but I was so depressed that I couldn’t even look at the book. It was like a huge black brick that was just making me sick.

I begged my buddies for some comfort. Something, anything, that would help me continue. After all, I was stuck on the story and wanted to see it to the end, no mater how painful it still may be. Because of their supportive e-hugs I pressed forward and am so glad I did!

It wasn’t long after I thought I had quit that things really started picking up again. Then things happened so fast! On Thursday night we had a mini enrichment sewing class that I really wanted to go to, and was late for, because Bella had just barely landed herself in the alley in Italy. It was 7:01 according to our cable box, and I was supposed to already be at the church (thankfully I’m across the street!), so I had to close the book and leave, knowing full well that by the time I got back it would be too late to stay up and continue.

Work was painful knowing that Bella, Jacob and Edward were waiting for me in the car.

Reality lines were blurred when a very fair teenager dressed fully in black crossed the street in front of me. I could have sworn that she could smell me. Thankfully I was on my way home from work after helping people switch offices so I wasn’t exactly “sweet” smelling. Yes, I know that the vampires I love so much don’t wear black, but still.

It’s hard to remember where that book ended and Eclipse began. I’m about a third of the way into Eclipse, having started it on Friday night. I can’t seem to take it in fast enough which, I know, is only going to leave me thirsty and pining for more in a few days. Hey, at least I’ll finally be caught up!