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What? A Wonderful World?

Ever had one of those days where one single event seems to make or break it?

I had one of those moments today and until I read Vanessa’s blog a minute ago, I’d almost forgotten about it.

I was walking in the hallway at work today and one of the girls that works in the lab was walking in the other direction.

“Abi, are you losing weight?” You can already tell that this was a make it moment, can’t you?

“No, I wish!”

“You look like you are. You have one of those bodies that might be big, but isn’t round. It’s curvy and you seem to know how to use it. You look terrific!”

To jump on Vanessa’s wagon

I agree. I want my girls (my seminary girls as they’re all I have) to grow up being confident and loving who they are inside and out. I want them to know that they are loved regardless of what the world might tell them. I also hope that they find the real love they are looking for in someone who knows that real WOMEN aren’t defined by their body size (up, down or around), but by the size of their heart.

I also want my boy’s to understand and respect reality. I don’t want them to grow up thinking that a girl isn’t good enough if she isn’t skinny enough. I want them to “…look upon the heart…” and find a woman that will take care of them and be a good wife. Someone that will treat them with respect and will honor their priesthood, encouraging them to do the same.

There are so many things wrong with this world. I hope that the campaign does what it’s suggesting it will do. I just want my kids to be happy.